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Kanjira - Compact instrument with a gigantic sound

The Kanjira is the smallest frame drum in the world. Despite its compactness, it is one of the most complex percussion instruments of all and enables incredible virtuosity. Kanjiras are approxim...
Agogo - Agogo de Castanha

Agogo - Two tones, many possibilities

The Agogo , also known as the Agogo Bell, is a handy percussion instrument consisting of two or more bells placed closely together. Beautiful rhythms for your Agogo repertoire and further informat...

The fascination of singing bowls: meaning and tips for purchasing

Singing bowls fascinate people around the world. Many powers are attributed to its calming, hypnotic sound. You can find tips for buying and more about the possible uses of singing bowls in this bl...

Percalada by Florian Bronk

About Percalada

My love for music has continued unbroken for many years.

During my concert and study trips around the globe, I had the privilege of not only meeting fantastic fellow musicians, but also the opportunity to visit the instrument manufacturers' workshops and purchase instruments directly at their place of origin. My passion for collecting has resulted in a remarkable collection of exquisite and unique instruments over time. My decades of experience as a professional musician and my love for well-made instruments form the basic idea for PERCALADA.