Konnakol Poster - Learn Konnakol and understand rhythm

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Essential basics at a glance

  • All the basic building blocks of the Indian rhythm language Konnakol from one to nine at a glance
  • In handwriting style, as if it were a private note after a lesson
  • Includes bonus PDF with explanations and tips for practicing
This poster brings you the basics of the magical rhythm language Konnakol on a poster in your home, your rehearsal room or on your tablet.

It beautifully shows the aesthetic structure of the Indian rhythm language Konnakol. It's perfect for fans of Indian music, traditional Indian music and lovers of Indian instruments. But all instrumentalists and singers who want to learn more about rhythm will also find the essential basics for Konnakol combined in one poster.

IT IS A DIGITAL FILE TO PRINT YOURSELF. Frames and props in the photos are not sold.