Percalada brings exquisite percussion instruments to you and with them music into your life.



My dream is to make percussion instruments more visible and give them a higher status in the music world. Internationally there are so many more percussionists than drummers. Nevertheless, in Europe we sometimes still have to hide behind the drum set. I wish that people around the world would realize what an inexhaustible source of power percussion can be, and that more people would recognize the healing power of rhythm . Away from 'drumming' and towards the recognition this art form deserves.


Percalada's mission is to inspire artistic expression. I would like to encourage you to show more individuality and to follow the motto "one size fits all" less, but instead to trust more in the " one of one " approach. I would like to show the value of playing a high-quality instrument . Our customers receive an instrument that has been tested and approved by a professional performing musician. We import from the most remote corners of the world and trade fairly.

We strive to provide the best possible sound in each of our products. To this end, we work closely with the manufacturers to promote innovations and developments.

Music takes you to another world. Your instrument becomes your faithful companion.

This is what I live and what I stand for.