Frequently asked questions about singing bowls

I want to buy a singing bowl, which one is best for me?

The answer to this depends on what you want to use the singing bowl for. To get started in the world of singing bowls, we recommend the zodiac singing bowl in size M or L, as well as the "Namaste" bowl from the therapy series. If you want to carry out sound massages or use the singing bowl therapeutically, the bowls are out Ideal for the therapy series . We recommend the zodiac singing bowls as a creative self-care gift.

What effect does a singing bowl have on me? Can singing bowls be dangerous?

The answer to the question of whether singing bowls are dangerous is clearly no . You don't have to worry , because singing bowls have a very gentle effect on the body and do no harm when used correctly.

About the singing bowl effect

Singing bowls work in the body primarily through their vibration and their vibration behavior. The resonance is transferred to the body and stimulates it in a gentle way. This makes a sound massage a profound relaxation technique with which you can treat different areas of your body in depth. That's why our therapy bowls are forged so that they last for a very long time. The longer the aftertaste , the more relaxation for your body. Singing bowls create a space of security and offer you a pleasant embrace of sound. More about the effect of singing bowls in our blog .

Singing bowls in music

Singing bowls as musical instruments or percussion instruments and their use in music are still a fairly unexplored area. Instruments with similar properties are used in many musical styles, such as gongs , cymbals , cymbals, etc. It is hereby recommended that every musician and all producers have at least one singing bowl in their instrument library . For example, you can simply place a singing bowl on the snare of your drum kit and play or sample the singing bowl. If you want to buy singing bowls with specific tones , we will be happy to help you.