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The Queen of Rattles

Caxixi - frequently asked questions

I want to buy a Caxixi, which one should I choose?

This depends entirely on what you want to do with the Caxixi and whether you already have gaming experience. For beginners we recommend the Caxixi Berimbau . It is an all-rounder Caxixi and also handy. Above all, it makes it easy to internalize the basic movements. For experienced percussionists and musicians, we actually recommend a small collection of different sizes. Every Caxixi sounds different, acrylic is great for recording , large Caxixis cut a good figure live and in videos. For example, if you play with a big band , you'll quickly get lost with a small caxixi.

Do I need two Caxixis?

For the absolute beginning, a Caxixi is sufficient. You can use it to learn the basics and combine them. If you play caxixi with the more dominant hand (e.g. right), you can play cajón, conga, udu, xylophone or drum set on the left. There are no limits to your creativity . However, the first choice for combination is of course the second Caxixi. That's why we recommend two Caxixis to anyone who isn't playing Caxixi for the first time. When ordering twice, we make sure that two different voices are created. Great rhythm patterns can be played with two Caxixis. Add bass, or piano for example, and that's all you need.

Magic rattle instrument from Brazil


A caxixi is a basket rattle of African origin that is now considered a Brazilian percussion instrument. Caxixis all have in common a precise touch in the ground and a softer basket sound. They are very versatile in their possible applications and can be easily combined. With a Caxixi you can play simple but also virtuoso rhythms.

Caxixi audio sample

Caxixis can be combined well