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Caxixi with foot strap

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Nature sounds against evil spirits

The origin of our Caxixis

We source our Caxixis from Brazil , the largest country in South America. Exclusively handmade and just as diverse as Brazil itself. Caxixis are instruments with soul . A Caxixi (pronounced Ka-Schi-Schi) is not just a “rattle”. This instrument offers endless creative uses.


Magical sound from the Amazon

Craftsmanship, uniqueness & spirit

Our Caxixis combine handcraft of the highest quality with a unique sound and look. The instruments are lovingly crafted and very durable. If you are a musician, at least one pair of these ingenious rattle instruments should be part of your basic equipment . If you would like to buy a Caxixi, you will find an exquisite selection with us.


Rio's Caxixi master blacksmith

Where Caxixis come to life

Marco's China

Marco China (*1958 in Rio de Janeiro) is today one of the leading Brazilian manufacturers of hand-made percussion instruments . At the age of 14 he started learning Capoeira and building his first berimbaus .

Marcos China has his workshop in Leme, a district of Rio de Janeiro that is just behind the world-famous Copacabana. You can see the sea from his workshop.

Every Caxixi is not just a percussion instrument , but the result of 40 years of experience in instrument making.

This is what our Caxixi Berimbau sounds like

Caxixi in combination

Percalada Guide

All about the instrument Caxixi

How do you pronounce Caxixi?

The word "Caxixi" is pronounced " Ka-schi-schi ", because in Portuguese "x" becomes "sch". The Brazilian spelling of the word "Caxixi" is "Caxíxí".

How to play Caxixi?

In contrast to a conventional shaker, a Caxixi offers a lot of playing options . The base, which is traditionally made from a special part of the Cabasa (bottle gourd), basically gives you two sounds: a precise touch on the ground and the softer basket sound . Of course, this cannot be divided into black and white, but rather offers many tonal shades of gray. If you now combine two caxixis, one in each hand, you have endless possibilities, from simple and easy to highly virtuoso.

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