Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet
Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet
Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet
Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet
Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet
Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet

Singing bowl set with your zodiac sign - incl. ring and mallet

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So that you are in harmony with yourself

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Zodiac sign:Capricorn

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Das sagen unsere Kundinnen und Kunden:

„Ich bin so glücklich mit meinen Klangschalen. Sie klingen magisch." - Nikita S.


Magical sound from the roof of the world

The origin of our singing bowl

In the city of Bhaktapur, one of the royal cities of Nepal, our zodiac singing bowls are handcrafted and engraved with great care.

This is where the Prajina Khusu factory is located and where experienced artisans give our singing bowl its magical sound.


Unique symbiosis

Percalada zodiac singing bowl - the original

In our original Percalada zodiac singing bowl we have combined your individual zodiac sign with the traditional crafts of Nepal. A unique, soothing sound object for you and a creative gift idea for friends and family.

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We ship with DHL-GoGreen from Germany. Within Germany, your order will be with you in one to two working days.

The following applies to every hand-made instrument, including every singing bowl: Each one is unique and sounds slightly different. When making a selection, we always choose the instruments that sound the best and only offer what we like the sound of.

We pack all deliveries in such a way that this doesn't actually happen. If something is damaged during transport, please contact us by email or telephone and we will find a solution.


Percalada brings music into your life

My name is Florian Bronk. I am a musician with heart and soul. It is my dream to, Percussion instruments to make them more visible and to give them a higher status. I hope that people around the world realize what an inexhaustible source of power sound can be and that more people use the healing power of rhythm for themselves.

Insight into the workshop

This is what our zodiac singing bowl sounds like


healing vibration

Singing bowl therapy and the effects of singing bowls

There are many myths and legends surrounding the effect of singing bowls . What is certain is that what we perceive as euphony is good for us. Traditionally, Tibetan singing bowls are placed and struck on the parts of the body to be treated. The vibration created by this gives us a pleasant feeling, ensures relaxation and can relieve pain.

Percalada application tips

How do you play a singing bowl?

First of all, there is no right or wrong here. Whatever you like and is good for you is allowed. So only your personal taste counts. Experience has shown that many of our customers appreciate a deep, soft sound. For this we recommend the large zodiac singing bowl in L. The smaller the bowl, the more brilliant the sound. For premium sound, we recommend our yoga and therapy singing bowls .


Singing bowls can be rubbed or struck . Anyone can learn the technique within an hour.

Which clapper for which bowl?

There is no right or wrong here either. As standard, we deliver our singing bowls in sizes M and L with a leather-covered mallet, while the S bowls come with a small wooden mallet. You may use the clapper with any side you like; this doesn't harm the shell.

Alternative mallets

A beautiful sound can also be produced with a timpani mallet (timpani mallet) on the large bowls. However, you can only hit it, not rub it.

Timbales sticks and drumsticks are also allowed if that is the sound you want. The basic principle is: the more reference on the mallet, the softer the sound. But the softer the sound, the less defined it is. Just try it out, you can't go wrong.